Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Journey to Understanding Health and Healing

My journey into the Health and Healing field has been a long and fun path. I have taken enough courses, countless seminars, taken several hundred pounds of supplements and miracle products, read enough books, viewed enough tape, CD, video and DVD courses and spent countless hours on the internet and with experimentation on myself and thousands of clients to reach the conclusions I am about to write.

My conclusions after all this time are as follows:

1. The human body is absolutely perfect. It always functions in absolute perfection, not unlike a super computer, and the output is the product of the input. Put a crappy program in a computer and garbage is your usual result. It is the same with the human body. Put the wrong things in and what you get is a product of your faulty input. Unless you were born with a malformed organ, the cause of malfunction is usually you.

2. The faulty input comes in various flavors or varieties: Nutrition, Environment, Emotions, Energetic Influences and Karmic Attachments…………. There are probably others like Implants, Thought Forms and Contracts that I am still investigating.

3. The only permanent way to improve an imbalance in the human body is to remove its cause. Treating symptoms is a useless exercise, be this with drugs or with herbs, vitamins, miracle products, prayer, chanting, energy healing or whatever else you can think of…………If you hit yourself with a hammer on the head daily, no amount of energy work will make you feel better until someone takes away your hammer. I know it sounds stupid…….but I constantly see all kind of enlightened health practitioners swallowing all kinds of pills to remain healthy…….but the cause is still there and unless corrected……….pills forever. Should make the supplement sellers happy!

4. The majority of our dis-ease comes from unproductive beliefs and emotional traffic jams within the body…….How much? I’d say close to 80%. I would not have believed this thinking 10 years ago, but I see disease and unbalance disappear and correct every day when the belief systems is corrected and/or emotional cause is removed.

5. Every method has some usefulness, be it Reiki, Chi-Gong, Nutrition, Emotional Release, Meditation, Matrix Energetics, etc, etc……………What I have found is that Healers are just facilitators………… When the client is ready to heal, any method will probably do the trick as long as there is conscious realization and releasing of the cause.

6. Is there any perfect technique? No. I like the phrase in the Bible that says (and don’t quote me on this): “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains”. Now I know that is not exactly what it says, but that is the general idea. Clear and focused intention, coupled with faith on both practitioner and client is king. That is the perfect healing formula………………

7. Having a degree, or two or enough degrees and certificates to wallpaper your living room is more important to you than anyone else. I don’t even know where most of mine are anymore. I have had 2 people ask me about my degrees and neither one came to see me eventually. Nobody cares about your degrees, they only care if what you do works for them or not.

So, after all that…………..What do I recommend for someone looking into becoming a Health Practitioner?

a. Understand the human body….Get a copy of Guyton’s Physiology and study it in detail. If you can enroll and complete an Anatomy course at a University, all the better……..Nothing like seeing it in 3D.

b. Read about nutrition in great books such as Weston Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and Dr. Rosedale’s The Rosedale Diet. There are many, many more, but those will give you plenty to study and understand.

c. Learn to muscle test or any other form of dowsing.

d. Look at the mind-body connection through the work of Louise Hay, Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig, Larry Crane’s Release technique, etc….. Again, there are many more, but find one method that works for you.

e. Take Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett…………..Awesome!

f. You might even consider my trainings at for a synopsis of what I do and has worked excellent for me and several hundreds of clients. It is a hybrid of several different methodologies and some stuff I came up with myself. Why should you consider it? Because in 2 weekend courses I will give you the basics of what has taken me 20 years to learn, through trial and error, theory and practice. And it will give you a complete, mind, body and spirit effective system that you can start putting to use immediately.

Is being an alternative health practitioner challenging? Well, of course it is. The main problem in the alternative health field, is the total brainwashing of the public at large. Most people are scared to death of moving out of the established “what everybody else does, or the media says or my parents did, or the government sanctions” system. Critical thinking and self-responsibility is at an all time low.

The good news is, they are starting to wake up and realize that a lot of the traditional ways of getting back to health are severely flawed. With the right knowledge, right attitude, a passion for what you do, and care in not saying things that can land you in hot water, you should be able to grow a practice without major problems. I have never advertised, other than my website, which is not extremely commercial….Why? Because, you will find that the best advertising is word of mouth. Produce results and they will beat a path to your door.

So, I hope this brief synopsis of my thoughts answers most questions on the subject.

If you want more info……………Contact me by e-mail and we can talk some more………….

Bob Worthington, Naturopath and other things………